We offer camp throughout the summer for sports training and academic development.

Our camp is divided into two different camps.

Sports camp

Day Camp

  • Co-Ed Ages 7-13
  • Offers a variety of sports (Football, Track, Soccer, Karate, Basketball)
  • Participants train and engage in lerning the fundamentals of each sport, building up to a culminating Olympic week where the teams battle it out for athletic supermacy.¬†
  • Co-Ed ages 5-13
  • Offers a variety of classes (Art, Dance, Math Enrichment, ELA Enrichment, Painting, Cooking, Gameroom, Nature Walks, STEM Class, Fitness Authority, Passport to Manhood, Sisters in Action)
  • Participants engage in a wide range of activities focused on building the the entire child through interactive activities and teambuilding activities¬†
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