In 1990, following a successful professional and collegiate basketball career, Clarence, “Mugsy” Leggett began his journey to being a community leader. His desire to make a positive impact on children is inspired by his years spent growing up in the education system and playgrounds of New York City. He quickly developed an appreciation for the benefits provided to him through a combination of academics and skills he learned on the basketball court. Understanding the importance of a supportive village and how basketball affects the self-esteem of the inner city youth, Mugsy knew he wanted to be a part of change.

Wiz Kids started as a small basketball recreation program in the Bronx with only volunteers and family members. Being embraced by the local boys and girls, the program expanded to various gymnasiums and courts throughout the Bronx.  In 2001, Books B4 Ball Organization/Wiz kids Basketball Program settled in the Northeast part of the Bronx, serving over 550 children annually, focused on ages 5-18, but even extending the reach to adults age from the New York City metro area. In the years to follow, the program has proudly worked with over 1300 students, most who have gone on to post secondary institutions.

The Wiz KIds Mission

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for student-athletes in our community by increasing educational opportunities and assisting our student-athletes in achieving a secondary education with the support of sports and mentoring.   

       “Respect All, Fear None.”

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